Mathieu Léonardon

Associate Professor in Electronics

IMT Atlantique


I conduct research at the IMT Atlantique in Brest on hardware and software implementations of signal processing and AI algorithms. I teach computer engineering and digital electronics.

My PhD thesis focused on the implementation of polar codes decoders. I proposed the fastest software implementation of the Adaptive SC List decoding algorithm to date. This implementation is integrated in the AFF3CT toolbox to which I actively contribute. I’m also part of the organisation committee of the next ISTC 2023 conference.

I currently focus on efficient hardware and software implementations of Neural Networks, aiming at low latency and energy efficiency, through multiple industrial collaborations, and as the coordinator of a JCJC ANR project, ProPruNN.


  • Neural Networks Compression
  • Embedded Electronics
  • Channel Coding
  • HPC


  • PhD in Electronics, 2018

    Polytechnique Montréal

  • PhD in Electronics, 2018

    University of Bordeaux

  • MEng in Embedded Electronics, 2015

    Enseirb-Matmeca, Bordeaux INP


A Fast Forward Error Correction Toolbox

Simulate high-throughput communication chains.


Source code on GitHub Website

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Recent Publications

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  • 655 Avenue du Technopôle, Plouzané, 29280, FRANCE
  • Enter Building K2 and take the stairs to Office K2 216A
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